Ready For A Happier, Healthier, Stronger Marriage?

Guaranteed Results – Quicker, Easier, More Affordable
  • Stop the conflict and arguing
  • Heal old hurts and resentments
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Restore trust, passion, and intimacy

What's Included:

  • How to make it better - even if your partner won’t help
  • A fast-track process for saving a marriage in crisis
  • Rebuilding trust, restoring commitment after an affair
  • 5 simple skills that will totally transform your marriage
  • How to stop arguing - eliminate conflict once and for all
  • What to do with a negative, critical, blaming partner
  • How to talk about upset feelings and unmet needs
  • Steps to creating true romance, passion, and intimacy

3 Easy Steps – Start Right Now!

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Receive customized action plan weekly

Follow the easy to use 13-step process at your own convenience - privately, confidentially

The First and Only Approach of Its Kind:

  • More effective than counseling - at 1/10 the cost
  • Guaranteed to work even if only one partner follows it
  • Easily learned and implemented, step-by-step process
  • Concrete, practical solutions – not just concepts
  • Structured, detailed, personalized to your unique needs
  • Weekly feedback, clarification, and reinforcement
  • A proven method for changing habits - quickly & easily

Only $49

110% Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee

For the first time ever, there’s an alternative to face-to-face marriage counseling that is so remarkably effective it comes with a 110% “better-than-money-back” guarantee.

What if there was an alternative to traditional face-to-face marriage counseling that was every bit as effective as three months of weekly sessions with an excellent therapist – at one-tenth the cost?

And what if this approach was a clearly usable, step-by-step, systematic process that was unconditionally guaranteed to completely transform your marriage in as little as 90 days?

And what if it was guaranteed to work even if your partner wasn’t doing it with you, and you were just doing it from your side of the relationship?

And what if it the guarantee was the only one of its kind anywhere:  A full refund of the purchase price plus 10% of the purchase price
if you are not totally satisfied with the results?

And if you decided to try this approach, what if you could get started in the next five minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse?

For the first time ever, such an option exists.

That option is The Online Marriage Counseling System® – the first and only approach of its kind.

What to expect when you order:

  • as soon as you place your order you will immediately receive download instructions and everything you need to get started
  • you can progress through the steps at your own convenience and pace – privately and confidentially
  • you’ll receive the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time if you’re willing to commit 60-90 minutes per week for 13 weeks,
    but you can spread it out longer if that works better for you

For your privacy and protection:

  • $49 is the total cost of the entire system – there are no additional taxes, fees, or charges of any kind
  • We will never try to sell you any other products or services – this is not one of those all-too-common internet scams designed to
    “up-sell” or “cross-sell” you on additional items
  • We do absolutely no email marketing, so we will never use your contact information to “spam” you with other correspondence
  • Additionally, we will absolutely never sell or share your contact information with any other parties
  • All orders are processed on an SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Protected system through PayPal, one of the most secure forms of payment processing on the internet

Feel free to contact us any time
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The Online Marriage Counseling System®
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161 Landmark Dr., Taylors, SC  29687
(864) 244-0154 or 1-800-201-8262

If you chose not to order at this time, we’d appreciate it greatly if you would please take 30 seconds to email us at ClientServices with any questions not adequately addressed on this website, or any reasons that you chose not to order – thanks so much for your feedback!