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About The Developer

Gregory Smith, LISW

The Online Marriage Counseling System® was designed and developed by Gregory S. Smith (MS, MSW, LISW-CPS), one of the nation’s leading experts on marriage counseling, couples communication, and relationship transformation.

Greg has two Master’s degrees in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy and has been in full-time practice as a marriage counselor since 1982.  He and his wife Amy were married in 1985 and currently live in Greenville, South Carolina with their three daughters, Bethany, Madison, and Ashtyn.

Early on his professional career Greg became known for his unique ability to help people with even the most challenging issues make significant, lasting changes in their marriage – swiftly and successfully.  He quickly earned the trust and confidence of a broad range of referral sources (doctors, pastors, and even other
therapists), and found himself getting everyone else’s “worst case scenario” clients that no one else seemed to be able to help.  Over
the last 30+ years he has had the privilege of helping thousands of couples save their marriage, and has worked with hundreds of couples on rebuilding after affairs – obviously one of the most
difficult things for a marriage to recover from.

The extraordinary effectiveness of Greg’s approach has always been driven by a focused fascination with what is called “accelerated change technologies.”  For the last 30+ years he has been constantly pursuing answers to a simple – but profound – question:

“How do people create truly amazing relationships that last for a lifetime –
and how can I help them do that as quickly and easily as possible?”

At the foundation of Greg’s approach is a rigorously researched set of marriage transformation strategies that have been built, developed, and field tested since 1982.  These powerful methods of personal and interpersonal change are constantly being refined and enhanced, based on emerging best practices research in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy.

In 2010 Greg began designing The Online Marriage Counseling System®, based upon a radical new vision for creating the greatest possible benefit for the greatest number of people at the least possible cost.  Here is that vision:

To make traditional marriage counseling totally obsolete, by creating an option that’s
every bit as effective at one-tenth the cost and immediately accessible 24-7
by anyone on the planet with a computer & an internet connection.

Worlwide Recognition as a Marriage Transformation Expert

Greg Smith & Mars-Venus author John Gray

In 1997, Greg was selected from several thousand candidates worldwide to be one of a small group of therapists who would be personally trained and mentored by Dr. John Gray, best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.  Greg continues to maintain active involvement with the Mars & Venus Institute and still serves as the Executive Director of the only licensed Mars & Venus Counseling Center in the entire southeastern U.S.

Greg is frequently called upon to speak nationally and internationally on a broad range of issues related to marriage and family relationships.  Between 2004 and 2009 he personally trained more than a thousand therapists in 40 major cities around the world, and continues to provide ongoing consultation to dozens of those therapists.

Greg has been featured as a relationship expert in more than a hundred media interviews with NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates; WORD News Radio Network; and a number of major newspapers and magazines.  He has been asked to provide expert insight and commentary on everything from the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinski scandal to the breakup of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Greg is also the author of several popular works, including:  Relationship Transformation; Valentines Day in the 21st Century; Temptation Island; Relationships and Stress; Marriage Skills; How to Turn the Relationship You’ve GOT into the Relationship You’ve Always WANTED; How People Kill Perfectly Wonderful Relationships; Love is Up to You; How to Talk About Sensitive Stuff Without Killing Each Other; The Collaboration Process; Turning Conflict into Connection; The Healing Dialogue; and How to Ask for What You Want.

 A Personal Note from Greg Smith

Greg & Amy's Three Daughters

For me, saving marriages is a very personal, very emotional thing.  It is something that has come to shape my identity, and it defines a huge part of what I see as my ultimate purpose in life.  And I think that’s mostly because this pursuit, this mission, originally grew out of a lot of failure on my part – and a whole lot of personal pain.

You may have caught from my bio at the top of this page that my wife Amy and I originally got married in 1985 – September 13th to be exact (which, ironically, was a Friday).  What is not mentioned above is the real storyline behind the early years of our marriage.

To put it simply – and bluntly – within about the first five years of our marriage we had basically done about as much damage to each other as two people can do in a relationship.  We ended up divorced; Amy moved to another state, and we were totally out of contact with each other.  As far as either one of us could figure out at the time, it was done.

If you’ve ever been there, you know that going through a divorce can put you in so much pain that you would do anything to keep from ever having to go through that again.  I can remember all too well what that felt like.  For me, it was a time of real soul-searching – owning up to my flaws, weaknesses, failings, and mistakes in our marriage.  What grew out of that was an intense determination that if I ever got married again, I was going to make my marriage truly incredible, and I was going to make it last.

What I had no way of knowing at the time was that Amy was going through a similar process several hundred miles away.  The unexpected – and, I think, truly miraculous – outcome of all this:  After being totally out of contact for more than a year we ended up getting back together, remarrying each other, and since 1994 have been creating a very different kind of relationship then what we had the first time around.  (Fortunately, we had all three of our daughters after this; I’m very thankful that we didn’t drag any children through that mess.)

I share all this with you for three reasons:

1)  I know all too well what it feels like to be totally hopeless in your marriage.  You may think that you’ve waited too long, and feel like it’s too late to do anything.  You may feel like you and your partner have done so much damage to each other that there aren’t any pieces left to put back together.  Your partner may be totally convinced that they could never be happy with you, or vice-versa.  I know what all those things feel like.

2)  I think it’s important for you to understand where I’m coming from, though:  Because of my experiences, I have this incredible belief that anything is possible to change in a relationship, and that people can heal from any amount of damage – and heal to a point where there aren’t any scars.  I know beyond question that people can make any marriage better than it ever was before – if they know how (which most people don’t).  Not only do I believe that, but I also have a very clear sense of what it takes to make that happen.

3)  I want you to know that the things I will share with you in The Online Marriage Counseling System® – the principles, the perspectives, the how-to strategies – are not just “good ideas I read in a book in grad school.”  They are fought-in-the-trenches, real world, practical action steps that anyone can take.  I had to learn them and live them myself, and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you learn them and live them as well.

I have always seen myself essentially as a Relationship Coach, and my ultimate purpose is to help people become tremendously fulfilled in every aspect of their marriage.  What is most exciting for me is to read the stories that people send us about how they were able to change things that they never thought they could change – and their amazement at how quickly and easily they turned things around once they had the right approach.

Whenever you’re ready to transform your marriage, we are here simply to be a trusted resource and asset for you.

To Your Future,

Gregory S. Smith