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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions that we are asked most frequently about different aspects of The Online Marriage Counseling System:

Q:  Because of work and travel schedules, my spouse and I have extremely little time together.  Will The Online Marriage Counseling System still be able to help us?

In that type of context, having a successful relationship
becomes even more challenging – and effective
communication becomes even more essential.  Even in the
most difficult situations, The Online Marriage Counseling
System has proven to be so remarkably effective that it is unconditionally guaranteed to completely transform your marriage in as little as 90 days.

Q:  But what if we’ve waited too long – what if it’s too late to save my marriage?

We know – all too well – what it feels like to be totally hopeless in your marriage.  You may think that you’ve waited too long, and feel like it’s too late to do anything.  You may feel like you and your partner have done so much damage to each other
that there aren’t any pieces left to put back together.  Your partner may be totally convinced that they could never be happy with you, or vice-versa.  We know what all those things feel like.  But what we have seen in the last 30+ years is that it really is possible to change anything in a relationship, and that people can heal from any amount of damage – and heal to a point where there aren’t any scars.  We’ve seen that people can make any marriage better than it ever was before – if they know how (which most people don’t).  Perhaps most importantly, we also have a very clear sense of what it takes to make that happen.

Q:  But what if my partner is no longer willing to try?

The Online Marriage Counseling System is guaranteed to work even if your partner isn’t doing it with you.  If you are following this system alone without your partner’s involvement, we’d like to offer a couple words of encouragement to you.  We won’t lie to you; it’s a whole lot easier improving a relationship when both partners are equally invested in the process.  For that reason, we would encourage you to share openly with your partner what you are doing here, and ask them if they’d be willing to go through this system with you.  If, however, you meet with any resistance, don’t try to “twist their arm” into doing it with you.  You’re much more likely to get a better outcome by going ahead and starting on your own, and continuing to share openly with your partner what you’re doing along the way.  We’ve seen time and time again that when one partner makes the first move, the other will often follow suit.  Even if they don’t, we’ve also found that even one partner who is committed to improving a marriage can have a radical impact on the quality of that marriage.  When you change your approach to your partner, your partner can’t help but change their response to you.

Q:  What if I know – or suspect – that my spouse is having an affair?

Over the last 30+ years, Greg Smith has had the privilege of helping thousands of couples save their marriage, and has worked with hundreds of couples on rebuilding after affairs – obviously one of the most difficult things for a marriage to recover from.  The Online Marriage Counseling System will walk you through a step-by-step process for creating the greatest possible likelihood of saving your marriage, and even making it better than it ever was before.

Q:  What if I’ve already decided I want a divorce?

Before investing time or money in anything, you need to ask yourself a very serious question:  “Am I honestly willing to try some things I haven’t tried before, give the relationship a fair chance to improve, and then see if I start to feel more hopeful about things?”
If the answer is “no,” then there’s no point in wasting your time and money on this or anything else.  If, however, the answer is “yes,” then The Online Marriage Counseling System is the only approach so consistently successful that it comes with a one-of-a-kind guarantee:  If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of following this system, we will refund the entire purchase price plus 10%
of the purchase price.

Q:  Is The Online Marriage Counseling System® based at all on Christian principles?

This approach has been used successfully by thousands of people of all religious faiths, and by those who claim no particular faith at all.  It will work equally well, regardless of your religious or philosophical orientation.  That being said, Greg Smith is very open about the fact that he’s a practicing Christian, and his counseling practice has always received a high volume of referrals from churches and pastors in the Greenville, SC area.  Since 1993 he has also been the primary referral source in Greenville for James Dobson’s “Focus on the Family” organization.  Greg’s work has always been and continues to be firmly based on the fundamental values of Commitment, Fidelity, and Mutual Respect in a marriage.

Q:  Does The Online Marriage Counseling System® work with an IPAD?

Yes, The Online Marriage Counseling System can be used with any device that you can download and save files to.

Q:  Does it require Flash Player?

No, Flash Player is not needed.