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Real Client Stories

Every day, we receive letters and emails from real people just like you that have tried our approach.  Here are a few of the most recent client stories we’ve received:

“A year ago today was one of the worst days of my life, a hellish day in a marriage that was on a sickening downward spiral.
I had just discovered my husbands’s affair, and I was completely shattered.  Out of desperation I decided to try your approach, but honestly at the time I couldn’t even begin to imagine coming out of that deep, dark, spiraling abyss.  But…I did.  Your materials helped me realize that my husband and I really could figure out what in the world we were doing, and it gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to actually turn things around.  Frankly, I’m still
a bit amazed to look back and realize how much better my marriage has gotten over the past year.  I am, of course, the same person I
was a year ago – and at the same time I am not at all the same person, and never will be again.  I am so much smarter, so much stronger, so much more vulnerable, so much more insightful about relationships.  I can’t begin to imagine how I would have come
through all that hell without your guidance.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”  – Paula B., San Diego, California

“Your approach made it possible for me and my wife to majorly improve our situation.  It helped us get a clear grasp on our difficulties, and we were able to put things back together better than we ever could have on our own.  Our marriage really benefited from the practical ideas and suggestions on specific ways to improve; I never felt like we were just being given theories or generalizations.  Both of us are now much more perceptive about each others’ needs, and much more understanding of each other.  I would highly recommend this to anyone needing help with their marriage.  Thank you!”  – Alex A., Ann Arbor, Michigan

“We are making immediate and excellent progress in our marriage.  I thank you hugely for what you have created here.  There has been from day one a feeling of rightness about your approach, a combination of wisdom and common sense – which is rare.  The insights that you share just seem to ring true over and over again, which gives me the feeling that you know and understand our situation personally.  Thank you again for what this has done for my marriage.”  – Judy P., Chapel Hill, North Carolina


“My wife and I were ready to dissolve a 14 year marriage.  Your approach literally saved our family from what seemed like an inevitable “crash and burn” at that point.  Your materials showed both of us what we were doing wrong, put us on the path to recovering our original love for each other, and then helped us move forward down that pathway.  I would recommend this 100% to anyone, young or old, if they are having problems with their marriage.”  – Aaron C., San Antonio, Texas


“I want to thank you for all this has done for my marriage.  Your approach helped us get back on the right track by enabling us to look at each other differently.  We are now having a wonderful marriage again.  We are both much more secure and trusting of each other, and it’s become so much easier to really enjoy each other, and really want to spend time together.  The strategies you laid out are helping us to finally reach our goals in life as a couple.  Thank you!”  – Marie D., Amityville, New York


“The past few months have been the best ever in our marriage.  I’ve taken these tools and applied them, and it’s been a real blessing.  Though it hasn’t been easy, it has felt better meeting my situation head on.  It gave me exactly what I needed when things were pretty desperate for us, and I’m really grateful to you for the results.  I’m extremely glad I decided to make this investment in my marriage.”  – Trent E., Atlanta, Georgia


“This is the best gift my husband and I could have possibly given to our marriage, and to our kids.  This approach has helped us turn a marriage that had honestly gotten pretty awful into something really great. Most importantly, you made it way easier than we ever would have imagined.  This is now number one on my recommendation list of marriage resources.”  – Brenda F., Redmond, Oregon


“This really is something great for anybody who wants to improve their marriage.  It definitely made both me and my wife think, learn, change, and grow.  Everything about your approach I would say was dead on in terms of what we really needed.  Wonderfully effective, and very easy to benefit from.  My wife and I both felt like it met our needs completely.”  – Noah G., Winter Park, Florida