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Our Unique System

The Online Marriage Counseling System will show you…

   – Why most efforts at marriage counseling ultimately fail

   – How you can make it better – without your partner’s help

   – A fast-track process for saving a marriage in crisis

   – How to rebuild trust & restore commitment after an affair

   – The three basic fears that kill most marriages

   – The 5 communication skills that make or break a marriage

   – How to stop arguing – eliminate conflict once and for all

   – What to do with a negative, critical, blaming partner

   – How to talk about upset feelings and unmet needs

   – Specific steps to creating real intimacy & partnership

   – The secrets to igniting true romance & passion

The Online Marriage Counseling System®: The First and Only Approach of Its Kind.

Up until now, if you were looking for resources to help you improve your marriage, there have always been three basic categories of options:

  • self help books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • workshops, seminars, or classes
  • face-to-face marriage counseling

All of these options have certain advantages, and certain disadvantages:

Self help books,
CDs, DVDs, etc.:


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Relatively easy to aquire
  • Can use privately and confidentially
  • Can use at your own convenience, leisure, and pace; work around your own schedule
  • A potentially good start point just for yourself, even if your partner doesn’t do it with you


  • Option overwhelm:  How do you choose which one’s right for you, or the best one to start with?
  • Takes a lot of time to absorb the material enough
    to pull out even a few potentially useful ideas
  • While these tools may provide some helpful insights and perspectives (and even short term behavior change), rarely do they lead to long term improvement in a relationship

seminars, classes:


  • Less expensive than marriage counseling
  • Although not private or confidential, people don’t generally assume you’ve got “problems” just because you go to a
    marriage workshop
  • May be easier to get your partner to attend, as opposed to going to counseling


  • You may not have a lot of appealing, cost-effective options available to you when you really need
  • Similar to self help tools, these types of experiences tend to be entertaining, motivating, and thought provoking; but again, very rarely do they lead to long term improvement in a relationship

Face to face
marriage counseling:


  • Far more effective than the other two options at creating significant, lasting improvement
    in a marriage – but that’s if and only if you find the right therapist
  • The most effective marriage counselors are those who base their approaches on best practices research in the field of marriage and family therapy
  • The most effective approaches to marriage counseling provide personal attention and guidance; a structured, detailed, step-by-
    step plan; consistent reinforcement over time; and accountability for efforts in
    between sessions

l        Disadvantages

  • Far more expensive than the other two options
  • The hassle factor: working around the therapist’s schedule, your schedule, your partner’s schedule, your kids’ schedules, your babysitter’s schedule…
  • May be hard to keep other people from finding out (and unfortunately people generally do assume
    you must have “problems” if you’re going to a counselor)
  • May be harder to get your partner to participate (and you may feel like it’s a waste of time and money to do it on your own)
  • You have to invest a great deal of time and a great deal of money – with absolutely no guarantee of
    an end result
  • If you don’t pick the right therapist, it can end up doing more harm than good

For the first time ever, a totally new option exists – one with all these advantages, and none of the disadvantages.

That option is The Online Marriage Counseling System® – the first and only approach of its kind.

What Makes The Online Marriage Counseling System® So Unique?

    1)  The Strength of Our Guarantee:

While marriage counseling never comes with any guarantees, some self-help products do offer a 100% money-back guarantee –
but always with certain conditions attached (usually a full return of all materials, in resaleable condition, within 30 days of purchase).

The Online Marriage Counseling System® comes with a guarantee that is unequaled anywhere:  If you follow this simple, practical, easily learned, easily implemented 13-step process if you don’t feel that your marriage is better than it’s ever been before, we will refund the entire purchase price plus 10% of the purchase price – the materials are yours to keep, and there is absolutely no time limit on this guarantee.

    2)  The Research Behind Our Approach:

A few startling – and disturbing – facts about marriage counseling:

    • Marriage therapy has the lowest success rate of any form of therapy
    • According to the latest research conducted by the UCLA Department of Psychology, more than 75% of people that go to marriage counseling
      report that they are worse off or divorced less than 1 year later
    • In a national survey, 80% of all private practice therapists in the U.S. said that they do marriage counseling – but only 12% of them are in a profession that requires even one single course in marriage counseling, or any supervised experience
    • A recent article in USA Today stated that, “Even fans of marital counseling are saying disturbing things; research shows that it doesn’t work as well as we once thought, and that it might not last.”

The good news is that a small percentage of marriage counselors – usually the most expensive ones – really are extremely effective.  The even better news is that we now have a vast body of research into marriage counseling, identifying the differences between methods that work vs. methods that don’t – and the key ingredients of the most highly successful approaches.

The Online Marriage Counseling System® grew out of the developer’s 30+ years of direct clinical experience as a marriage transformation expert, and was built upon the most cutting edge research into what really works when it comes to creating significant, lasting improvement in a marriage.  It is the only marriage counseling alternative that provides all of these key ingredients:

    • Simple, practical, actionable solutions – not just abstract theories or concepts
    • A structured, detailed, step-by-step plan that is personally tailored to the unique needs of each individual
    • Consistent reinforcement over time, and accountability for your efforts on a week-to-week basis
    • A proven process for replacing old habits with better habits as quickly & easily as possible
    • Approaches that work when even just one partner is using them – even if the other is not

The Online Marriage Counseling System® is the only approach that gives you everything you need to totally transform your marriage in as little as 90 days.

    3)  Instant Access, PLUS Convenience & Privacy:

If you decide to take us up on our 110% better-than-money-back guarantee, you can begin transforming your marriage right now.  As soon as you place your order, you will immediately receive download instructions and everything you need to get started with The Online Marriage Counseling System.  From there, you can progress through the easily learned and implemented 13-step process at your own convenience,
leisure, and pace – privately and confidentially, working around your own schedule.  You’ll receive the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time if you’re willing to commit 60-90 minutes per week for 13 weeks reading the materials and practicing
the action steps, but you can certainly spread it out longer if that works better for you.

    4)  Value & Affordability:

The Online Marriage Counseling System® is guaranteed to be every bit as effective as three months of weekly counseling sessions with an excellent therapist – but the total cost is only $49 (less than one-tenth the cost of thirteen sessions with even
a semi-decent therapist).

Important:  Many so-called “marriage counseling alternatives” actually charge you DOUBLE for materials for you AND your partner; with The Online Marriage Counseling System the cost is the same – regardless of whether you’re using it alone, or you and your partner are following it together.

    5)  Our Extraordinary Success Rate:

The Online Marriage Counseling System® has the most solidly proven track record of any approach to improving your marriage.  Every day we receive letters and emails from real people just like you that have benefited from this approach.  Here’s some of the most recent feedback we’ve received from our clients:

“A year ago today was one of the worst days of my life, a hellish day in a marriage that was on a sickening downward spiral.  I had just discovered my husband’s affair…” – to read more, click here:  Real Client Stories

    6)  The Expertise of the Developer:

The Online Marriage Counseling System® was designed and developed by Gregory S. Smith (MS, MSW, LISW-CPS), one of the nation’s top experts on marriage counseling, couples communication, and relationship transformation.

“For me, saving marriages is a very personal, very emotional thing.  It’s a pursuit that originally grew out of a lot of failure on my part – and a whole lot of personal pain…” – to read more, click here:  About The Developer

Next Steps:

Unlike any other approach, The Online Marriage Counseling System® is:

    • an easily learned and implemented 13-step process that is absolutely guaranteed to make
      your marriage better than it’s ever been in as little as 90 days
    • guaranteed to work even if you’re doing it alone, without your partner’s involvement
    • so consistently successful that it comes with a one-of-a-kind guarantee:  If you are not 100% satisfied with the results of following this system, we will refund the entire purchase price
      plus 10% of the purchase price

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